Westcott 7' White/Black Parabolic Umbrella

  • 16-rib fiberglass framework
  • Durable dual-wall shaft rods for extra support
  • Softens and broadens bounced light
  • Eliminates unwanted back spill light
  • Included travel and storage case

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460.00 SR

Large and Portable Lighting Control

Whether you're looking for a broad on-the-go modifier or versatile but cost-effective studio solution, Westcott Parabolic Umbrellas are an essential tool for speedlite, strobe, continuous light, and natural light photographers.

Reflect Light with White or Silver Bounce Interior

Looking to maximize the output of your studio light or flash? Bounce your light source into a reflective silver parabolic umbrella for bright, edgy highlights or into a reflective white parabolic umbrella for a softer, more natural look.

Soften and Diffuse Light

Looking to soften and expand the output of your studio light or flash? Shoot your light source through a parabolic diffusion umbrella for glamorous, wraparound lighting.

Take Control of Harsh Sunlight

Shooting on-location under bright sunlight? Westcott Parabolic Umbrellas can modify any light source, including the sun. Mount a diffusion parabolic overhead to soften midday sunshine. Or mount a reflective parabolic overhead to block sunlight completely.

Durable Framework

Constructed with flexible fiberglass ribs and a doubled steel shaft, these umbrellas will withstand the test of time when used in the studio and out on location.

Superior Design for Use Outdoors

With instant setup, easy teardown, framework designed to withstand impact, and a compact travel case, our parabolic umbrellas are a must-have light modifier for on-location photography.

Portable Octabank-Style Lighting

Pair a silver parabolic umbrella with the parabolic diffusion cover to create a large, yet controlled, light source. This essential accessory attaches instantly to your umbrella and offers similar modification to that of a large octabank without the tedious setup or price tag.

Easy to Mount

Shooting with strobes or monolights? Most studio lights include a built-in umbrella receptacle for instant mounting.

Shooting with speedlites? There are a variety of mounting brackets available with adjustable and tiltable options for precise positioning.