Westcott Rapid Box 24" Beauty Dish for Profoto

  • High-quality collapsible beauty dish designed by Joel Grimes
  • 24" deep parabolic beauty dish collapses to under 6" in diameter
  • Instant umbrella-style set up with heavy-duty locking hardware
  • Reflective soft white interior with 16 durable all-metal ribs
  • Directs a soft, crisp light pattern towards your subject
  • Built-in speedring for select monolight heads
  • 650-watt heating rating

In the Box:

(1) 24" Rapid Box Beauty Dish
(1) Built-in Speedring
(1) Diffusion Panel
(1) Carry Case

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1,350.00 SR 950.00 SR


Designed by world-renowned photographer Joel Grimes, this 24" collapsible beauty dish softbox is an ultra-portable modifier built with convenience in mind. This beauty dish directs a soft, clean pattern of light straight toward your subject. With a custom-designed white interior and durable components, this modifier creates true beauty dish lighting when paired with a strobe or continuous monolight.

The Rapid Box Beauty Dish is constructed with solid aluminum umbrella-inspired framework. This design maximizes durability, minimizes weight, eliminates the need for separate support rods, and makes setup a breeze. Everything is simple, quick, and compact. After your shoot, the Rapid Box Beauty Dish breaks down instantly into a sleek carry case for travel and storage.